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Meet Wendy

Wendy Lynch is an experienced sense-maker and data scientist with over 35 years of research experience, primarily in business settings. She has played the role of Analytic Translator for hundreds of companies, from start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations.

Her expertise is both in data analytics and effective communication, combining the two into a framework for optimizing the value of analytics in a business setting.

A nationally-recognized speaker and instructor, Dr. Lynch is committed to training a new generation of analytic translators. Her goal is to establish Analytic Translation as an essential role, recognized by every corporation.

A Proven Process Based on 35 Years of Experience

When I started as an analyst I thought that if I just explained all the cool findings, showed great graphics, and described why the results mattered, the business people would be as fascinated as I was... and surprise! They were not.

So I set out to find why that was the case and how to communicate with business professionals in their own language, and after 1000s of meetings, many mistakes, and a lot of trial and error... I’ve developed an effective approach.

And business will need LOTS of translators. McKinsey reports there is a severe shortage of people who can speak both languages effectively, which will result in a demand for 2,000,000-4,000,000 more skilled translators by 2026.

Become one of those skilled individuals.

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